IT is moving faster and getting smarter every day. Blink and IT will change again. So how do you keep up? By choosing a proven IT partner you can trust to keep your business in front.

At CTG, your technology is our business.

These days you need a forward thinking and knowledgeable IT partner on your side. At CTG we can work with all kinds of budgets, and if there is a way to streamline your business, we will find it.


Quality IT outsourcing
Fully managed IT agreement services
Network and systems monitoring
Endpoint protection, email and web monitoring
Custom designed strategic solutions
Comprehensive IT and telecommunications audits
Smart infrastructure and Enterprise solutions
Hardware and software recommendations and purchasing
Pre-configuration and customised build solutions
Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
CTG Partnership Services
Fast remote resolution of issues
Responsive telephone or onsite service
Support for your own in-house IT team

Whatever business you are in, you’ll win at IT faster with CTG as your technology partner.

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    Protect your assets and embrace your inner Bond with clever software and surveillance devices that put you in

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Our Partnered Programs

  • Axis Communications
  • VMware
  • ownCloud
  • Info-Organiser
  • SecurePay
  • Acronis
  • M86 Security
  • Microsoft
  • Milestone Systems
  • IGEL Technology
  • Dell
  • ConnectWise
  • Sonos